Solution Architect, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, AI Specialist, Concept Developer, Project Manager, ...

K-konsulting, aka Lars Kristensson, is providing 20 years of software experience, 7 years of education at four different universities and an project experience ranging from open source projects, through the game AI industry, to web development, search engines and data mining in the flight search industry.

Specialized in enterprise architecture, search engines, data mining and psychology, with a solid understanding of design patterns, algorithm theory, object orientation, distributed systems, parallel processing and database optimization.

Together with knowledge in over 10 formal languages and good communicative as well as project management skills, Lars offer capabilities and knowledge valuable to most any company in the software industry.


An intellectual and creative freethinker - a perfectionist who spent way too much time studying mathematics, software architectures, structures and algorithms, with a special interests in psychology, communication and artificial intelligence. In love with travelling as much as engineering software, and highly passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge and experiences.

For an interview, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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